Hammocking to Make Your Life Better

download (24)“Hammocking” is the name given to the activity of resting in a hammock. No matter if it is used to take a break and relax during the day, read a book, enjoy nature, take a refreshing nap or sleep a whole night, more and more people are joining this pleasant practice.

Why is this trend increasing every day, becoming so popular? Well, here we will show you some benefits of hammocking that probably you never imagined…

They suit you

The wonderful thing about a hammock is that once you lie on it, you can stretch and move in the direction you want, because it will mold to your body as if it had been made for you.

They are therapeutic

Resting in a hammock helps to relieve the pain of the lower back and neck. Additionally, when lying perpendicularly, pressured muscles are relieved as the hammock adjusts and molds perfectly to the shape and weight of the body, providing the support needed without any pressure points. Thanks to this, the muscles relax, allowing better blood flow and facilitating circulation throughout the body. In this way, the body enters a state of optimal relaxation that promotes regeneration and healing. Furthermore, resting with no pressure points can cause the alignment of the vertebrae, which helps to reduce backaches.

Good for pregnant women

Women can also find in hammocking a way to relieve the pains of the prenatal period, by using hammocks to rest comfortably, relax and sleep. In several indigenous groups from Latin America, such as the Mexican Mayas, Venezuelan Guajiros and Panamanian Kunas, the hammock is the place where women give birth to their children.

Promotes better concentration

The rolling and twisting movements that occur when resting in a hammock, stimulate the brain cortex and therefore increase the ability to concentrate, which can be beneficial for study and recreational reading, especially for people with attention difficulties.

For better sleeping

A neurological study found that the behavior of the brain waves from people who slept in hammocks indicated a deeper sleep, improved memory consolidation, and also increased tolerance to noise. The position taken by the body in a hammock, lying on your back with your head slightly elevated, is precisely the same position designed for hospital beds, providing an optimal blood circulation and improved breathing.

They are decorative

Moreover, traditional hammocks, with their beautiful fabrics and designs in different colors and shapes, are an excellent decorative element, bringing an exotic touch to spaces, turning the site where they are installed into the favorite place for relaxation and entertainment.